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2022 Big Pointless Plastic Photography Competition

The Big Pointless Plastic Photography Competition

Capturing the Devastating Effects of Pollution!

The Big Pointless Plastic Photography Competition was an opportunity for photographers, professional and amateur, to send Live Here Love Here a shocking snapshot of plastic pollution, whether that was spotted on our streets, roads, countryside, beaches, parks or rivers.

If you were a resident of Northern Ireland aged 16 or above, you were eligible to participate in the competition. The top entries had the chance to win one of three generous cash prizes: £500 for first place, £200 for second place, and £100 for third place.

The winners

We send massive thanks to our fantastic winners for sharing their poignant pictures of plastic pollution and its disturbing impacts on our environment and wildlife.

Daniel Clarke 1st place

Daniel Clarke – 1st Place

"Little Grebe makes nest for chicks with single use plastic bags, crisp packets and polystyrene. River Lagan near Hillhall, Lisburn."

Ernie Patterson 2nd place

Ernie Patterson – 2nd Place

"The photograph was taken on our farm near Killinchy. There are no towns or villages nearby but the balloons can travel for many miles before bursting and descending to earth where they are a potential hazard to livestock."

Jonathan Clarke 3rd place

Jonathan Clarke – 3rd Place

"Photo of a common blue butterfly on a plastic bottle wrapper neat the RSPB Window On Wildlife reserve on Airport Road West."

During judging, we also created a top ten for all photos that we received. We've included the locations for the shots and details on how you can get involved in looking after these areas through our Adopt A Spot project.

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