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Live Here Love Here Summer Update 2019

Karina Robinson   Wed 10 Jul 2019

Check out our Summer Newsletter! You've all been extremely busy over the past few months with BIG Spring Clean, Small Grants Scheme, Clean Coasts Week, Power of Video Competition Launch and the Kik Plastic tour!

We'd like to thank everyone who has been involved and supported each of the programmes.

Thank you for making this year bigger than ever. We've smashed 2018 out of the park...just take a look at our results in our Live Here Love Here Summer Update.

Plastic pollution: Compostable Packaging Trial

Karina Robinson   Wed 03 Jul 2019

Public awareness of plastic pollution is on the rise and businesses are also taking action to reduce the amount of pointless plastic they use.

As part of Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful’s Tackling Plastic NI Project (funded by DAERA), we’re currently trialing compostable packaging items throughout Ards & North Down, to reduce plastic pollution on our streets and shores.

Through the Live Here Love Here campaign and Ards & North Down Borough Council’s RCIF Scheme we visited on-the-go retailers and asked if they would like to get involved. We got chatting to business owners who had already invested in compostable packaging, those who had thought about it but hadn’t yet taken the plunge and those who it was all new to.

With 625 bits of litter found on our beaches every 100m, 78% of which was plastic, including polystyrene food containers, plastic cutlery, food wrappers, plastic bottles and tops, as businesses and consumers we need to make changes fast.

We worked closely with local waste management company, Natural World Products, who had carried out trials on specific compostables to ensure items were 100% certified as compostable.

Participating retailers will be educating their customers on how to dispose of compostable items correctly. Either by giving back to the retailer or putting them in their food caddy/bin. Look out for the compostable packaging in Ards & North Down area with the Live Here Love Here and RCIF logos. Make sure to tell the shop what you thought. We want to understand how well compostable items work from both vendor user view. We all need to work together and make small sacrifices to our convenience driven lives to reduce pointless plastic and help the environment in which we live.

If your favourite sandwich shop is using single-use plastic, especially polystyrene, ask them to source alternatives, or ask if you can you bring your own food container. Small changes can make a big difference.

Our message:

If you don’t need it, don’t use it – don’t just pick up the plastic cutlery or straw ‘just in case’

If you use it, source an alternative – bring your own reusable food container, or choose to buy from a business using an alternative to plastic for takeaway food

If you do use plastic – ensure you recycle/dispose of it properly, if it can be recycled take it home, if it can’t make sure it’s disposed of in a bin and won’t end up on our streets or beaches.

Check out the BBC coverage on the trial:



Karina Robinson   Wed 15 May 2019

We're calling for volunteers across Northern Ireland to get involved in Coca-Cola Clean Coasts Week, running from 1st-9th June with a series of litter picks and clean ups. Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful want to inspire and create a Clean Coasts Community to take action and help preserve the coastline for generations to come.

To launch this year’s clean up, Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful called for volunteers to ‘Do Good, Feel Good’ and help create a large scale piece of sand art on a local beach. The piece itself was designed by renowned sand artist Sean Corcoran who used the wave from the Clean Coasts logo as inspiration. The community then filled the wave with hearts and bubbles as well as completing a beach clean to ensure everyone could enjoy the artwork litter-free.

Last year across the island of Ireland 3938 volunteers registered for 207 community-based events and clean ups across beaches, rivers, loughs, canals and reservoirs - collecting an incredible 3589 bags of litter, that’s 23 tons – the equivalent of 250 people.

Jodie McAneaney, Live Here Love Here Manager at Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful comments: “Coca-Cola Clean Coasts Week is growing from strength to strength and we’re excited to see how many volunteers will support us this year. Our aim is to create a clean coasts community who will continue to look after and enjoy our shores throughout the year and encourage others to do the same. Northern Ireland has some of the most beautiful shores in the world and we should be proud to protect and preserve them as well as taking advantage of the wonderful sports and hobbies organised around them by local communities.”

Gillian Shields, Packaging and Sustainability Manager, Coca-Cola HBC Ireland and Northern Ireland said: “At Coca-Cola HBC, sustainability lies at the heart of our business. We continually strive to minimise our impact on the environment, with ambitious targets to reduce water, energy, waste and packaging.

We also believe in a world without waste, and our 11 year-long partnership with the Clean Coasts programme in Northern Ireland plays an important role in that ambition. With the support of our partners Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful, we are keen to do even more in 2019 to champion responsible behaviour with respect to littering and encourage greater recycling.”

As well as making a positive effort to enhance the environment, Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful are keen to promote mental well-being via the ‘Do Good, Feel Good’ theme. Art therapy is a proven treatment for helping improve mental wellbeing and can reduce stress, negative feelings and improve overall health.

This year’s campaign aims at igniting a community spirit, targeting enthusiasts who feel passionate about the environment, Northern Ireland and its shores to join in the activities or create their own events. By registering, volunteers receive a complimentary kit with everything they need to run their own event, plus a list of how to become involved in other neighbouring events and communities.

Volunteers can use #CleanCoasts to search for all the latest information and use it to upload their before and after pictures of their litter-picks and associated beach art.

This year Coca-Cola Clean Coasts Week is proudly supported by local ocean enthusiasts such as former Miss Northern Ireland Tiffany Brien - who has competed Internationally, representing Northern Ireland and Ireland in sailing, Kiko Matthews – who broke the world record for the fastest female solo row across the Atlantic Ocean in 2018 and has since devoted her time to the anti-plastic campaign ‘Kik-Plastic 2019’ and Siofra Caherty, founder of the sustainable design studio ‘Jump The Hedges’, which focuses on sustainability, functionality and local manufacturing.

Limited kits are available and will be issued on a first come first served basis, register now so you don’t miss out! . For more information on getting involved with Coca-Cola Clean Coasts Week – visit or email

Live Here Love Here Update: April 2019

Karina Robinson   Thu 02 May 2019

More information on BIG Spring Clean competition, Small Grants Scheme and our Clean Coasts Week!

Read the full newsletter here:

Live Here Love Here Update: March 2019

Karina Robinson   Thu 04 Apr 2019

Hello friends, Spring has sprung and we hope you are ready for another great season!

This year we celebrated 5 years of Live Here Love Here, and the campaign has grown from strength to strength since those small beginnings - all thanks to your efforts and support! Over the past 5 years 553,571 volunteers have been involved in the BIG Spring Clean, over 1 million pieces of litter have been collected through the Clean Coasts Programme, 314 Adopt A Spot groups have looked after their local area and a massive £630,015 has been given out to support our Small Grants Scheme projects!

If you have any clean ups, green ups or spruce ups planned, please tell us about them and we'll promote them in the next newsletter and social media.

From Jodie, Nicola, Karina and Ciara!

To read the full newsletter go to:

Northern Ireland’s largest clean-up, The Big Spring Clean, launched today at Shane’s Castle for the ninth year running. Organisers called on volunteers, schools, businesses and community groups to pick up their litter pickers and spring into action – with a particular focus on plastic.

The Big Spring Clean is a province-wide campaign organised by charity Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful’s Live Here Love Here programme. Last year 119,000 volunteers took part, making it the largest volunteer clean up in the country.

This year, as Big Spring Clean launches its month-long campaign, problematic plastics are high up on the agenda. Plastic in our environment is not just litter, it's a pollutant, making up two of the top three most frequently encountered litter items. 80% of this litter ends up in our oceans which is incredibly costly and difficult, if not impossible to remove, devasting coast lines and harming marine life which in turn means plastic is entering our food chain, damaging our health.

Jodie McAneaney, Live Here Love Here Manager comments at the launch: “The time is now for preventative steps to reduce, reuse and recycle the plastics we use. The Big Spring Clean is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the issues here in Northern Ireland and record our findings so that we can take steps to improve. It’s also great to get all the volunteers together to discuss the issues surrounding plastic litter and give our parks, forests and beaches a Big Spring Clean before the Easter Break so that people can enjoy the outdoors.”

We can all do just one thing and together make a difference. Volunteers can either organise their own clean-up or get involved in an existing event. Visit


Karina Robinson   Thu 14 Feb 2019   updated: Tue 21 May 2019

Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful Announce Community Award Winners

Tuesday 12th February saw volunteers gather at the 3rd annual Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful Community Awards in Belfast City Hall with host, TV presenter Joe Mahon and guest speaker Jo Ruxton, filmmaker and campaigner who opened the eyes of the world to the problems of plastic in A Plastic Ocean and influenced Blue Planet II.

The evening was designed to recognise and thank all the volunteers who had been short listed for their continued hard work and dedication to the cause – with an opportunity to hear their inspirational stories which instil pride in our local communities through practical environmental action.

From regular litter picks to the creation of shared community spaces these unsung heroes dedicate their time and efforts into making our home cleaner, greener, safer and more sustainable.

The winners have carried out some remarkable work this year including addressing social isolation and loneliness among older people living in care homes by creating beautiful gardens - the only green space that some residents will see. A keen canoeist has made a significant effect on the appearance of the waterways by removing debris and litter while a young 15 year old litter picker has collected around 100 bags of litter and even taken his litter picker on holiday. Another local hero raised over £1000 from biscuit wrappers alone for ‘Kicks Count’, a charity that promotes baby movement awareness to reduce still birth whilst one group reached out to minority groups to address language barriers by publishing an infographic pack that displays the dos and don’ts of domestic waste disposal and littering - improving community relations.

Guest Speaker Jo Ruxton encouraged volunteers to make a stand in their local communities and champion the reduction of litter: “Never underestimate just how much one single person can achieve. The problem might seem insurmountable but take that first step on your own and just watch how many people join you and help bring about change.”

Live Here Love Here Manager Jodie McAneaney comments: “These awards are so important, they give us the opportunity to highlight the issues and reward those who are actively making a difference. Plastic in particular has been hitting the headlines this year with its devasting effects, making our special guest Jo Ruxton the perfect candidate to inspire us to really strive for change. The fact that every piece of plastic ever created is still on the planet is a real eye opener. Hopefully in 2019 our continued efforts and that of our volunteers and partners can make steps towards tackling this terrible problem.”

At Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful we run a number of campaigns and programmes that embody the values of Live Here Love Here which would not be possible without the help of our dedicated volunteers. If you would like to find out more or get involved with Live Here Love Here please visit our website; or contact

To see our 2019 award winners please click the document below.

Document thumbnail
LHLH Award Winners 2019

Merry Christmas from Live Here Love Here -December Update

Karina Robinson   Thu 20 Dec 2018

In the wind down for Christmas, this issue we've got some past Community Award winners telling us why you should nominate your local heroes and what winning the award has meant to them. The Small Grants Scheme Online Claim is now live, and all grants must be claimed by 14th January 2019.

If you have any clean ups planned for the new year please tell us about them and we'll promote them in the next newsletter and social media. We've also been trying to make a conscious effort to shop locally and sustainably this Christmas with the help of Do Your Bit NI and of course we've our Litter Heroes of the Month. Have a read through, have a great Christmas and we'll see you in the New Year!

From Jodie, Nicola, Karina and Ciara!

Anti Car Litter Video Challenge Winners Announced

Karina Robinson   Fri 02 Nov 2018

Live Here Love Here in partnership with McDonald’s, created the WISE UP! #DRIVEYOURRUBBISHHOME competition in association with the Power of Video conference. The competition challenged YouTubers to shoot their own anti-litter videos to be judged by famous YouTuber Philip Bloom and YouTuber peers for the chance to win state of the art camera equipment.

The innovative content competition, hosted during the Power of Video conference held at the Ulster Hall in September, named Edward Cleary as the winner. His video entitled ‘Dave’ documented the comical journey of a piece of paper from where it was littered, back home to its owner.

To read more go to:

Live Here Love Here Autumn Update

Karina Robinson   Thu 01 Nov 2018

Check out our Autumn Newsletter to learn more about our upcoming events and clean ups, as well as some opportunities from our friends!

Follow the link below to have a read: